Speed to Lead

The fastest way to respond to webleads and live feed data

Instant agent response to new leads

The concept of "speed to lead" in the phone system refers to the amount of time it takes for a salesperson or customer service representative to respond to a new lead or customer inquiry. In other words, speed to lead slashes the time it takes for a representative to speak with a prospect who has expressed interest. The faster a salesperson responds to a lead, the more likely they are to convert that lead into a paying customer. Businesses that prioritize speed to lead and respond quickly to customer inquiries can gain a competitive advantage and increase their chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

Speed = Availability

The moment a lead shows interest is the optimal time to engage them in a conversation. 

Speed = Confidence

Contacting a lead immediately increases customer confidence of the agent's appreciation for the buyer's time and interest. 

Speed = Conversion

Swift response to leads equals greater probability of successfully guiding them through the sales funnel to conversions.

The ease of configuring Speed to Lead is as simple as creating a workflow in your CRM that triggers a web hook when a new lead is added to the system. This creates a call to available agents and the first agent to answer is connected to the call ringing the lead. You may also be able to configure your CRM to automatically assign leads to specific salespeople based on predefined criteria, such as geography or product interest. This can further streamline the Speed to Lead process and ensure that leads are routed to the most appropriate sales representative.

Speed to lead will improve your Reports and Metrics

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Compare Agent performance with charts and graphs.

Queue Reports

Evaluate group performance and marketing efforts.

Call Details

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Wall Board

Live feed for large format TV wall displays or PC monitors.

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In the Freevoice solution,  agents sit down at any desk to Log in. This tracks their work time and allows them to take the calls assigned to them. If they pause, they choose why. If  they miss a call, the system will not send another call until they confirm they are available.  Administrators can create skill based routes that look for the most qualified agent for that caller.  Live reports show whos on calls, with live updated statistical feeds and buttons to listen, barge, whisper, or chat with agents for coaching.  Historical reports show graphs and charts to easily spot you best and worst performers.

A dedicated Freevoice support agent will take the time with you to draw out a map of call flows and functions to see your solution in a wide overview and confirm all need are met. We'll program and test with you before going live to ensure a smooth transition to Freevoice