Get your Telemarketing calls past the carrier call blockling, SPAM and SCAM labeling with Freevoice.

Freevoice leverages Carrier Realtionships, Technologies, and Advanced Services to get your Calls out with Clean, Unblocked and Unlabled Caller ID's

By matching Caller ID's to the local area and rotating them in series we keep your numbers and calling in the normal rage expected by the mobile carriers. If a carriers Blocks you call 

Automatic Geo Matching

Our Automation picks the best local areacode, state or least used number to use as a Caller ID to distrubute for every Call. 

Spam Database Monitoring

We montor the major spam number databases and automatically  stop using a number untill its reputation is no longer flagged.

Call Blocking Detection

The utlimate test if you numbers are problematic is deliverability. We detect SIP 608 replies that indicate An intermediary carrier rejected the call attempt. Numbers with rejections are  silelined and periodically tested untill no rejections are recieved

Calls STIR/SHAKEN Signed

All calls are signed with our own STIR/SHAKEN token wit highest A attestation to provide trust to recipient carriers that we have verified your company and your rights to the Caller ID used.

FCC Complaint Monitoring

Daily checks of the FCC com

Incredible Design

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Freevoice Dialer System

Predictive dialers are ideal for business environments where agents dial large amounts of outbound calls. Automated dialing systems can significantly increase agent productivity by eliminating agent dialing times, filtering out answering machines, and providing a central interface for storing lead information.

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Multiple Action Modes

Predictive Dial
Call multiple lines per agent with automated voicemail drops.
Play an automated recording for press one and survey options. 
Power Dial
​Automatically place one call after another without stopping
Drip Dialing
CRM integration triggers auto reminder or marketing calls 

Agent Screen

Put information and call control in the hands of your agents. See and edit lead information, start, or stop recording. Quick Transfer or stay on the line to introduce everyone. Use simple web integration to open and modify records on your CRM.

Admin Overview

Live update board shows employees status, call ratio, wait time and all the metrics you need to optimize your call floor. One Click listen barge allows you to coach and train from a remote location. 

  • Improve Agent Productivity by dynamically detecting when a live contact has been reached, a predictive dialer system will ensure that representatives don’t waste time with busy signals, voicemail messages, or incorrect numbers. 
    • Boost Call Volumes – Companies can reach out to more people in a shorter period of time, by calling numbers in succession from a database, and dialing multiple numbers for each contact. Increase Interaction Effectiveness – Agents have the ability to initiate three-way conference calls, or transfer calls to other representatives such as closers or product specialists. 
    • Ensure Customer Satisfaction – Avoid the risk of annoying or offending existing or potential clients by restricting dialing based on day, time zone, or other variables, and allowing agents to schedule call-backs at a time that is more convenient for the customer. 
    • Improve Campaign Tracking Accuracy – Representatives have the ability to mark the outcome of each interaction (hung up, sale, not interested). Let our Freevoice Predictive Dialing platform help increase sales by connecting more live calls to your agents.

Scales to hundreds of agents

Whether you have just a small handful of agents or a few hundred, the Freevoice system can accommodate them all under a single interface.

Dynamic Caller ID

Allows you to have hundreds or thousands of different valid caller ID numbers that change with every outgoing call reducing the ‘total number of calls from one Caller ID across a carrier’s network to overcome carriers and apps that block or flag telemarketing calls.

Local Presence Caller ID

Match your outbound calls caller ID area code to the area code or state of the person you are calling. Customers are 4 times more likely to answer calls from numbers in their geographic area.  We have number packages to fit your budget.

Regional, 10+ numbers - Match major markets with for very little cost

State, 50+ numbers - Match the State of the person your calling. 

Area code, 240+ area codes - Match the local area of the person your calling. 

Custom Agent Scripts

Provide your agents and clear and precise script to deliver the perfect pitch every time. 

Dynamic fields fill in the name and other pertinent information.

CRM Integration - Live lead Posting

Call your leads the very same second you receive it from your landing page or lead provider

CRM Integration - Data base dip

Instantly pop open matching records in your CRM database when connected to a new caller

Custom Zone Dialing

Dial only specific areas with custom Time Zone restrictions by state and / or day of the week.