Freevoice is a not just a software provider, but a knowledgeable consulting firm in the call center industry. We getting phone numbers from reputable sources and assist in registering them with the  major carriers to whitelist your numbers past  telemarketing filters. 

Call Transparency by First Orion

The following carriers and apps use for number reputation.

Carriers Apps




Boost Mobile


Virgin Mobile  

First Orion Platform
PrivacyStar App
Metro name iD App
CallDetector App
CallWatch App

Visit and provide your business information and request calls from these caller ID's be blocked. Manually enter each number, or upload a CSV file of only the numbers you Do not plan use as an outbound Caller ID. They will call each of them to confirm they can hear the company name you provided. All of the numbers you submit must go to a welcome recording, IVR, voicemail, or human that will say your company name for them to hear and confirm.

AT&T and associated apps

 AT&T and their apps use the Hiya 3 company to manage the reputation and verification of business caller ID.

On the site you will open a support ticket and provide a website that lists the numbers for your company that should be blocked as a valid outbound caller ID.

Verizon Call Filter App

Verizon maintains an independent database for their Call Filter App

 Calling parties and customers who believe a call has been mislabeled as spam or blocked may provide feedback via the button below

Protect your Numbers From Hijacking 
Do Not Originate (DNO) Registry

Scammers and fraudsters can easily place scam calls showing your businesses number as the caller ID.  This can cause you to receive angry return callers and negative social media post about nuisance calls from you company. 

 Phone numbers can be registered to automatically label outbound traffic from that number as Scam Likely and thereby deter the consumer from answering calls fraudulently representing you business .  It is recommended you do this for any inbound only numbers that you do not use as an outbound caller ID.   You may also need to consider changing the outbound caller ID you present use to a different number than your main published number.