ViciHost and VICIdial SIP Dialer Trunks with SPAM likely protection 
and Auto Caller ID Management

Local Presence

Match the State or Local Area Code automatically with every call  

Number Rotation 

Multiple calls to the same Lead get a different local number each attempt 

Number Autoreplace

Replace SPAM or SCAM flagged numbers automatically 

STIR / Shaken 

Every call is cryptographically signed that the caller ID is not Spoofed

Effectively prevent your calls from getting labeled as 
Spam caller, ​Fraud likely, Scam likely, or Telemarketer

Phone carriers are required to block or label suspected SPAM and SCAM marketing calls. Carriers watch for how many calls they receive concurrently or per day from a unique phone number, If the call STIR/Shaken Signed to the number, and are using shared Phone Number Reputation registries to share data.  Consumers may also be using various smartphone apps that crowdsource reports of nuisance calls.  

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Automation and information services have transformed outbound calling

Automated caller ID management picks the closest local area code to your lead and rotates different phone numbers to spread your calls over as many Caller ID identities as possible.  We then monitor the spam databases used by ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon to verify all your phone numbers reputation are clean. When your numbers get flagged, they automatically get removed and replaced

Multiple Benefits

More Destinations
We terminate to more rural and high areas than any other company
Human Connections
People answer more calls from local numbers without SPAM labels
Maintain Reputation
Customer trust is damaged if their carriers label you as a SCAM
High  Quality  Audio
Overseas Agents sound clearer with industry leading low latency 


You can depend on our reliable network and redundant infrastructure that ensures high-quality voice calls


We have multiple measures in place to protect your user data, ensure secure communication and block fraud.


Easily scale your services from 100 to 10,000 voice channels to accommodate the needs of your growing business.


Flexibility: Our pay as you go model allows for flexible quantity and pricing options that can be tailored to the needs of your businesses.

Customer support

Customer support: We offer excellent phone and email support from our team of US agents to troubleshoot issues and resolve problems.


Our open standards ensure compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software Telecom solutions to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.

Quality Termination with Direct Tier 1 Carrier Access 

Our approach involves transmitting calls through reputable Tier 1 carriers recognized for authentic call traffic. Additionally, we apply our own STIR/SHAKEN token to each call to provide cryptographic validation to the receiving carrier that the Caller ID number is genuine and free from any falsification or deception. 

Need a Dialing Platform? 
We offer hosted dialers with live agent support

Agent Screen

Put information and call control in the hands of your agents. See and edit lead information, start, or stop recordings. Quick Transfer or stay on the line to introduce everyone. Use simple web integration to open and modify records on your CRM.

Admin Overview

Live update board shows employees status, call ratio, wait time and all the metrics you need to optimize your call floor. One Click listen barge allows you to coach and train from a remote location.