How to avoid getting labeled Spam caller, 
Fraud likely, Scam likely, or Telemarketer.

Understand Where and How your Number got Flagged

Call blocking / labeling currently happens at the recipient’s carrier. Carriers watch for how many calls they get concurrently or overall from a unique phone number, if its valid or disconnected number, if calls come from from different carriers, and are beginning to use caller ID reputation registries.  Additionally the end user may also be using various smartphone apps that crowdsource reports of nuisance calls.

Even if you don't telemarket, scammers can hijack your number and ruin your business phone numbers reputation. See our advice below for both telemarketers and business owners.

Telemarketer Caller ID Strategies

New laws and technologies can block your telemarketing efforts. We can help

Area Mixing

Mix up the geographic area you are calling to spread calls over as many receiving carriers as possible.

Rotate Caller ID 

Add new phone numbers every month, week, or day for performance.

Local Presence

Show local numbers for every region, state, or area code you're calling.

Dynamic Caller ID

Use multiple Caller ID numbers to reduce total traffic from any one number.

Verify Active Caller ID's

Use the carriers call blocking apps to check the reputation of you numbers.

Abandon Caller ID

Be prepared to stop using a number if it has been spoofed and flagged.

General Business Strategies

  • Call responsibly. Don’t call the same lead  multiple times a day.
  • Don’t hang up on people if you’re running a dialer. Maintain a < 3% drop rate
  • Make sure people can reach you if they call back. 
  • Register your number with the major caller ID reputation registries 

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Chad Harmon is the Senior Sales engineer at Freevoice and has been implementing telemarketing centers for over 20 years.  If you would like to discuss this topic and your call center, just pick up the phone and call during normal business hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, Pacific Standard Time

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