Register your Caller ID number with the 3 major caller ID reputation registries 

AT&T, T-Mobile, and major apps use a 3rd party companies to manage the reputation and verification of business caller ID. Please follow the guides for each and check back periodically as we may add new registration databases as they become available

Call Transparency by First Orion

The following carriers and apps use for number reputation.

Carriers Apps




Boost Mobile


Virgin Mobile  

First Orion Platform
PrivacyStar App
Metro name iD App
CallDetector App
CallWatch App

Visit and provide your business information. Manually enter each number, or upload a CSV file of only the numbers you plan use as an outbound Caller ID. They will call each of them to confirm they can hear the company name you provided. All of the numbers you submit must go to a welcome recording, IVR, voicemail, or human that will say your company name for them to hear and confirm.

Register With

AT&T and associated apps

 AT&T and their apps use the Hiya 3 company to manage the reputation and verification of business caller ID.

On the site you will open a support ticket and provide a website that lists the numbers for your company that you use as an outbound caller ID.

Hiya uses a web crawler to search for numbers. They must be in text / html, not a picture to be read. 

For example: Have  a phone directory page that lists each user or phone number you want to verify.

Register With Hiya

Verizon - TNS Call Guardian 

 Transaction Network Services (TNS) Call Guardian provides industry-leading solutions that uses real-time call events combined with crowd-sourced data to create accurate and comprehensive reputation profiles differentiating legitimate users of communication services from abusive, fraudulent, and unlawful users.  This website will help TNS Call Guardian validate the characterization of your business telephone numbers.

Register With Verizon TNS