Agent Reports

Managing many agents with different responsibilities and across multiple offices can be a daunting task for any manager. Live and historical metrics are the science you can rely on to optimise your call centers performance. 

"Freevoice's Agent tools have changed my day from herding cats to leading a disciplined army of agents"  - Peter Dolby

Queue Reports

Lead tracking and 

group performance

Agent Stats Wallboard

Live feed of metrics for large screen  TV's and PC monitoring stations

CDR Reporting

Call Detail Reports for all calls, 

SMS, and messaging 

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Live Agent Monitoring 

Watch agents in real-time as they take calls, pause, log in and out.  Live stats update metrics for average talk, wait times, completed or missed calls so at a glance you know exactly what agents are producing.  Listen, Whisper and Barge calls just by clicking on an agent from your PC or smartphone.

Queue Monitoring

View call quantities in real time as they wait for an agent, then are connected. Continually see how many agents are Available, or Paused. How many calls are Waiting, In Use, Completed, Transferred, Abandoned, Opted Out, Overflowed, or scheduled for Callbacks. Monitor key metrics like Average Hold times, talk time, service level goals and last call. Select any queue to see the callers and how long they've been holding.

Historical Reporting of Agents

Agent Completed Calls

View how many calls inbound or outbound each agents completed along with their average and total talk time

Agent Calls per Queue

Compare how many calls each agent took from each queue

Agent Talk Times

Compare agents average and max talk times to pinpoint inefficient members and methods

Agent Session Summary

Summaries of log outs and pauses

Agent Session Detail

Complete logs of every missed call log off, log out, or custom pause code. 

If they're not taking calls, you need to know why. 

Time Clock Events and Totals

Agents will be at their desk and taking calls punctually when you calculate work time by when they're at their desk, logged in, and taking calls.

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