Queue Reports

Treat your call center management as clearly defined science. Live monitoring and historical data gives you a birds eye view of your agents productivity, and your customers experience. Call tracking by DID defines your top producing marketing efforts and helps you focus those efforts on the best performers. 

"I especially love the live queue monitoring. It allows us to adjust our marketing hourly to keep my agents busy without blowing money on dropped calls." - Sarah Erdogan
Manager - FirstTeam Inc

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Agent Reports

Individual agent performance 

and team productivity metrics

Agent Stats Wallboard

Live feed of metrics for large screen  TV's and PC monitoring stations

CDR Reports

Call Detail Reports for all calls, 

SMS, and messaging 

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Live Queue Monitoring

View callers in real time as they wait for an agent and are connected. Continually see how many agents are Available, or Paused. How many calls are Waiting, In Use, Completed, Transferred, Abandoned, Opted Out, Overflowed, or scheduled for Callbacks. Monitor key metrics like Average Hold Time, Talk Time, Service Level Goals and Last Call Time. Select any queue to see the callers and how long they've been holding.

Queue Totals

View how many calls were recieved per queue, and what was the outcome. Completed calls were answered , Abandon hung up before speaking with someone, Overflow held the maximum wait time, and Opt Out chose another path such as automated callback, voicemail, or menu option.

Call Status Totals

System wide overview of all call outcomes both as a quantity and percentage of total calls

Calls Per Hour

View call volumes per queue for balancing staffing and marketing needs

Queue Hold Times

See the average and maximum hold times per queue and how they relate to call volume over time

Queue Talk Times

See how long the average agent is spending per call and maximum duration

Call Tracking by Phone Number

Track calls by phone number to compare marketing sources and maximise ROI

Queue Talk Times

See how long the average agent is spending per call and maximum duration

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