Call Tracking and Reporting

Keep an eye on company performance with detailed reports on all call activities. 

 Measure and compare the performance of your people, and marketing.

Live Call Monitoring 

Listen to live calls as they happen and use coaching tools to barge the call, whisper to just your employee, or instant message advice and direction to close more sales or stay compliant

Summary Reports

Customize summary reports by searching dates, users, phone numbers, and more

Total calls summary

Total Calls show hourly activity for adjusting staffing levels 

User productivity summary

Compare agent productivity for inbound, outbound call quantity and call durations 

Inbound phone number summary

Track marketing sources and lead providers by phone number 

Detailed logs of every call, message, and SMS text.

Quick reports for Inbound, Outbound, Ring Groups, SMS, and internal Messaging complete with recordings

Export data to Excel or Pages to create your own reports

Export, sort and display any key metric

Want more reports?  See the Agent & Queue Reports in our Call Center‚Äč