Create a campaign, load leads, add a list, add users and start dialing

This tutorial covers starting your campaign with agents dialing outbound on a live campaign.

  1. Click on CAMPAIGNS link at the top of the page to get to the CAMPAIGNS section and click on the Copy Campaign.
  2. Your dialer should have come with a working campaign by default. Use this as our new campaign, like so:
  1. Click submit to create this new campaign

  2. Now that we have a new campaign, check the detail view for many more options that can be set for the campaign. It is best to leave everything as default and start loading leads.

  3. Go to LIST and click ADD A NEW LIST

  4. Fill in the fields like so:

  5. Click submit to create the LIST

  6. Next, click LOAD NEW LEADS to get to the lead loaded.

  7. Load your leads.  They should come in a CSV file.  If they are in an XLSX file you will have to convert them to a CSV.

  8. Line up your data so that your agents can see it in the dialer.

  9. Once you've loaded your leads, the dialer will show you how many good leads there are (it will usually eschew the bad leads, such as duplicates, malformed phone numbers and the like. )