The user portal displays live status,  Control calls, view team members, internal and SMS messaging, faxes, phone books, follow me, queue stats and more...  

Feature Break Out

Quick access to multiple transfer methods, SMS , conference, record, soundboards, and more...

View team members statuses, availability, and connected number. Listen, whisper and barge calls.

Private messaging and chat groups to easily communicate and share files, video chat, or text message. 

Create recordings in the soundboard to autodrop voicemails while you move on to the next call, or playback recorded disclaimers while on a call.

Control Follow-Me settings to also ring your mobile phone or other extensions to never miss a call.

Send and receive digital faxes with email copies and searchable archives.

Call and Message History in a searchable list. Redial, SMS and play recorded call options.

Voicemails can be  transcribed for easy reading and additional email copies sent to your mailbox. 

Personal and shared company phone books with CRM and Google Contact Syncing for Caller ID and Click to Call.