Setting Up a Ring-All Ingroup & Phone

This tutorial will show you how to set up an inbound In-group to ring all agents’ phones simultaneously. The first agent that answers the phone will receive the call. This differs from the normal In-group settings that send the call to only one agent (depending on the Next Agent Call setting) and does not ring their phone. The ring all group should contains no more than 30 agents.

  1. The inbound In-Group will need to enable the Ring-All. In the Inbound tab, in Show In-Groups, select an In-Group to configure. Make the following changes to the indicated fields:

  2. The phone need to be configured to ring, rather than passing the call straight through to the agent. In the Admin section, Phones tab, select a phone to modify. Change the “On-Hook Agent” field to “Y”. Repeat this step for any agent in the ring-all ingroup.

Once the agents logs into the In-Group they are part of the ring-all group. Unlike a normal agent, their phone won’t ring during the initial connection, due to the settings. Now, each time a call is routed to the ring-all ingroup, all the agents’ phones will ring

This can also be enabled for Remote Agents. In the Remote Agent section, select the Show Remote Agents tab, and choose an agent to modify. Set “On-Hook Agent” to “Y”, and indicate the “On-Hook Ring Time” in seconds. Now the Remote Agent can lof into a ring-all In-Group


NOTE: Agents should staff either normal In-Groups or ring-all In-Groups, but not both at the same time. The On-Hook agent phone feature is intended for very light call volumes only, because the calls are routed slower and the load on the system is much higher than standard call queueing to agents that are using off-hook phones.