Set up a “press-1” type, or survey, outbound dialing campaign

Within the dialer, you are able to add the ability to dial out and have the customer presented with a question to which they can respond by pressing a phone (DTMF) key before the call is sent on to an agent or another destination. It should be mentioned that if you are planning on doing this kind of calling to consumers in the USA, as of September 1, 2009 you will have to have written permission from each person you are calling allowing you to do so according to FTC regulations. For more information on this, go to the FTC regulations section of this wiki, or go to the FTC website at .

  1. Go to the Campaign Detail screen of the TESTCAMP campaign and click on the SURVEY submenu link in the third row from the top of the screen of links.

  2. We will be filling in the fields with the following values :

Survey wait seconds is how long your dialer waits for a response from the customer. If a button is not pressed within the time frame, it will trigger the SURVEY NO RESPONSE ACTION. This is where you define what will happen if there is no response to the survey question. OPTIN will only send the call on to the Survey Method if the customer presses a dtmf digit. OPTOUT will send the customer on to the Survey Method even if they do not press a dtmf digit. DROP will drop the call using the campaign drop method but still log the call as a PM played message status.

This is a pipe-separated list of the possible DTMF choices and what they mean
(We leave Campaign Recording Directory blank we are not using CAMPREC_60_WAV)
(We will leave Voicemail blank since we are not using VOICEMAIL method)
(We will leave the third and fourth set of options blank as well)

NOTE: for a more in-depth explanation of these fields, go to the Campaign screen section of the manager manual.

NOTE: The audio prompt fields in this section are able to be set up as a Cepstral Text-tospeech(TTS) prompts, meaning that you can take information from the vicidial list and read it back within the message that is being played. For more information on TTS functionality, see the chapter on Cepstral TTS further down in this manual.

  1. Now that the campaign options are set, click on the Campaign Detail screen and change the routing extension to 8366, or another extension set that uses the agi-VDAD_ALL_outbound.agi script with the SURVEYCAMP flag(or 8374 if you are doing TTS prompts) Also, make sure that your Campaign’s Dial Method is set to RATIO and your dial level is set to “1”.

  2. Now the campaign can be run as it normally does except that when a customer Answers they will be played the first prompt and will be expected to press a digit to indicate their answer to the question. If they do not press a digit and the No-Response action is set to OPTIN, they will be sent on to an agent after the timeout. If they do not pres a digit and the No-Response action is set to OPTOUT, then the customer line will be hung up.

NOTE: It is also important to mention that the response rate on these types of campaigns is significantly less than when a human agent answers the phone immediately. Usually you will need to dial at least ten times as many lines to keep agents on the phone when doing a press-1 campaign like this.