Simple pay as you go phone service without setup fees, contracts, or annual payments.  ​Basic Plans start as low as $5.90 per user

If you're not sure what your needs are, don't guess. Let one our consultants assist you with a bill comparison to get our Price Match Guarantee or Special Volume Pricing.

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Need help comparing?

Your helpful consultants at Freevoice will can do it for you.  Simply send us your current bill and any competing quotes you would like to compare. We’ll put it all in a nice report that shows all comparisons and send it back for your review. 

Advice to Go.... 

Never pay a year in advance for a lower price You’ll have zero leverage against anything your unhappy about. 

Never sign an Annual Contract – It’s a trap if your needs change or new opportunities arise. Also beware of a bait and switch to poor support or quality after you can no longer cancel.

Never buy proprietary hardware - It locks you in when you could have open standard hardware just as easy.

Know your needs. Find out ahead of time how many phone number and minutes you actually use.