Freevoice Open API 

Integrate any CRM or other data application directly with your Freevoice Call Center

User Functions to Enable

  List Users (/api/users/list/)
  Get User (/api/users/{userid}/)
  Click to Call (/api/click2call/{userid}/)
  Call Recording Download (/api/cdrs/download/{fileid}/)

Caller Look-Up URL

 GET / POST / JSON / XML   Triggered on new inbound calls.  You return a JSON or XML object

Request Parameter Mapping: 

To add URL parameters use {param} Example:{cid_number}
Original Key can be mapped to your Custom Key

call_id - Example:496bb8e8-d0f6-11ea-ab93-005056012330
event  -  Lookup
direction   -  Direction of the call, in or out
did   -  DID number for the  call. example 7144999000
did_name  -  Name/Description of the DID for the call
cid_number  -  Caller ID number for the call, example 7148675309
cid_name  -  Caller ID Name for the call, example John Doe
custom_key  -  Custom value
Basic Auth: Caller LookUp  -  Username / Password

Response Parameter Mapping:

cid_name  -  Set Caller ID Name, Inbound Only
cid_number  -  Set Caller ID Number, Outbound Only 
crm_id  -  Set CRM ID
crm_mod  -  Set CRM type
crm_link  -  Set CRM link
destination  -  Set override destination
queue_prio  -  Set Queue Priority
queue_penalty_min  -  Set Queue Minimum Agent Penalty
queue_penalty_max  -  Set Queue Maximum Agent Penalty

Web Hook URLs

User Call Start  -  Triggered when a user call starts
User Call Answer  -  Triggered when a user call is answered
User Call End  -  Triggered when a user call ends
User Call Recording  -  Triggered when a user call recording has finished processing
SMS  -  Triggered on new sms messages.
MMS  -  Triggered on new mms messages.
Queue Caller Join  -  Triggered when a call enters a queue
Queue Caller Connect  -  Triggered when a call in queue is connected to an agent
Queue Call Completed  -  Triggered when a queue call is completed
Queue Caller Abandon  -  Triggered when a call hangs up while waiting in a queue
Queue Caller Leave  -  Triggered when a call leaves a queue