Creating Custom Fields

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create custom fields. This allows you to add additional fields to the agent interface to either display customer data already loaded onto the lead to capture new information, or even to display a default field in a new way. The fields are createed on a per list basis, and can be easily copied to other lists using the "Copy Custom Fields" feature, in Lists. All custom fields appear on the "Form" tab on the interface.

  1. To access custom fields, you will need to set "Enable Custom List Fields" to 1.

  2. Select "Lists," and select a list to whom you wish to add a custom field. At the bottom of the list, you should see "Custom Fields Defined for this list: 0." Once our additional fields have been added, the 0 will change to reflect the number of custom fields.


  1. Custom Fields can be used to create a wide range of field types. Create a custom field like so:

The Field Options are entirely dependent on Field Type. For the pulldown example, each line represents a possible entry. First, is how the response will appear in the database. Then, separated by a comma, is how entry would appear on the pulldown in the agent's interface.

Option Position: Horizontal - How the options for this custom fields are arranged.
Field Size - field will mean different things, depending on what Field Type was chosen.
For MULTI, it represents the number of options that will be visible when the agent clicks the pulldown menu. In this example, the Field Size should be 4, if I want them to see all 4 options.

Field Max - Another field that will mean different things for different Field Types. MULTI does not use this, thus it is left black.

Field Default - This option already placed in the field to start. If the agent does not update this field while on the phone with the customer, this will be submitted as the response. This field must either contain Data or be NULL, but it can't be left blank. You will receive an error if you attempt to load leads onto a list that has left this field blank.

  1. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page o create the custom field.

  2. The page will re-load showing an overview of the ewly created field at the top in blue.

  1. Now the list is ready. If you load leads onto it, using a web-based lead loader, the customer fields now appear on the load screen where you define the terms.

  2. When an agent is connected to a call from a lead in the list, their interface will display all the custom fields on their Form tab.

Custom Fields descriptions.
  • TEXT is a standard single-line entry form,
  • AREA is a multi-line text box,
  • SELECT is a single-selection pull-down menu,
  • MULTI is a multiple-select box,
  • CHECKBOX is a list of checkboxes where multiple options can be selected,
  • DATE is a year month day calendar popup where the agent can select the date and
  • TIME is a time selection box.
  • DISPLAY will display only and not allow for modification by the agent.
  • SCRIPT will also display only, but you are able to use script variables just like in the Scripts feature. SCRIPT fields will also only display the content in the Options, and not the field name like the DISPLAY type does.
  • HIDDEN will not show the agent the field, but will allow the field to have data imported into it and exported from it, as well as have it available to the script tab and web form address.
  • READONLY will display the value of the data in the field, but will not allow the agent to alter the data.
  • SWITCH field type allows the agent to switch the lead custom fields to another list, as well as reloading the FORM tab with the new set of list custom fields for the new list. To configure SWITCH type fields, you must define the button values below in the Field Options box
  • RADIO is a list of radio buttons where only one option can be selected