Number Reputation Number Plan Set Up 

Adding number to VICIdial

  In Vici -  admin - CID Groups- add CID Groups  & Create a Group

 In Vici - reports - admin utilities - admin bulk tools - AC CID Bulk Add. To add numbers

  In Vici - Campaigns -  set [Custom Caller ID - to Y] & [set CID Group

 In Vici - Campaigns -  set [Campaign CallerID: to "default number if state does not match]

 Verify default Ingroups are appropriate for your needs

Daily or weekly maintenance of

removing bad numbers from dialer

1 Look at NumberRep Report

2 Evaluate yellow and Red results to determine numbers to be removed

3 Go to Dialer CID Group and uncheck [active]  to Disable flagged numbers. 

(we'll wait a wee to see if they go green again after 5-30 days before removing)

Determine if you need more numbers 

1 Go to Dialer CID Group (at the end of day because this report refreshes each day) and look for states or area codes with more than *100 calls to  determine if you need more numbers in that given area. * 100 calls is a recommendation. In strategy, less calls per day means less chance of getting flagging which equals less overall maintenance.

2 Go to - Dashboard - Phone Numbers - Add New Numbers

3 search by area code - reserve  numbers - view reserved numbers. Perform reputation scan.  Double click any red/yellow or excess numbers to remove them.

4 Replace and repeat the process until you have all the good numbers. 

5 Verify Trunk and CNAM are correct - Process order

6 Enable  Number rep on new purchased numbers

7 Go to the Dialer CID Group and Add good numbers. 

Canceling Numbers

Go back to NumberRep Report  & click [Remove Numbers] Select numbers to be removed and process (*numbers owned less than 30 days will be scheduled to be auto removed)