Video Call Queueing

 A smooth Customer experience with HD Audio, Video, and Screen Sharing 

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The Best Customer Experience Wins.

Move the Experience from a Phone Call to a Web Call with the click of a button 

  • Visual Queues -  Video Calls provide many of the visual clues absent from a voice only or email conversation. Non verbal communication is more that two thirds of human communication and why in person meetings are still necessary to build repour with high value clients. Communication channels like voice, email and chat cannot convey the reception of you message the way facial expressions and stance can inform you which way to tailor your message. 
  • High Conference Quality -state-of-the-art technology Using WebRTC, delivers crisp, reliable  audio and video quality.
  • Screen Sharing allows visual aids such as Slide shows, Videos, and Web information as a  part of your presentation empowering your communication ability  beyond words. 
  • Chat functions allow two way posting of notes or Weblinks to Forms or checkout pages for easy deal closing or support.
  • Establish more personal & trusting business relationships video communications. Face to face communication are deeply personal and allow you to get to know each other as a person, not just a voice this  builds the long-term relationships that are vital to businesses success.  
  • Remote working - Keep teams working together  during the growth in flexible working, Team members working from home  find that video enables them to stay connected and build relationships with their teams and colleagues. Screen sharing and the sharing of visual ideas, drawings & designs could previously only be carried out within an in-person meeting, video collaboration enables immediate sharing & feedback as soon as it is required. 
  •  Participant Engagement -  Video conferencing is far more engaging than audio conferencing.  Once video engages during a call the entire feel and etiquette of the meeting changes. Participants can see and be seen. Any sense of distance is removed. There’s no longer any semblance of out of sight, out of mind, Participants are less likely to or multitask or become distracted as they might on an audioconference the need to maintain virtual eye contact keeps particimants attntion from waning.  

 Website Integration 

Allow Website visitors to voice or video call your company through their Mobile Phone, PC or, Tablet

Video Queuing

Manage more customers with less agents by keeping callers engaged and on the line.

SMS Hold 

Hold a callers place in queue, Then  Text them the Conference link when an agent is available.

Lower Costs

Video & Audio web calls are completely free of toll charges

Caller Priorities

Identify priority clients and place them ahead of other callers in the Video queue. 

Transcend Borders 

Connect with Customers around the world securely with out tolls, tariffs, or call quality complications  

Social Media integration 

Place links in your posts to instantly  start a web conversation with your agents

Email Integration

Marketing emails and personal signatures contain links to start a meeting

Mail and Print Integration

Leverage QR codes to initiate a face to face call with your customers 

Social Media integration 

Place links in your posts to instantly  start a web conversation with your agents

Email Integration

Marketing emails and personal signatures contain links to start a meeting

Mail and Print Integration

Leverage QR codes to initiate a face to face call with your customers.

Secure Encrypted Calls

Our underlying technology encrypts every web call using WebRTC, the most secure voice and video calling technology widely available today.                

Includes all Phone Systems features

See included Phone System features

Amazing Reporting and Metrics

Agent Reports

Compare Agent performance with charts and graphs

All Agent Reports..

Queue Reports

Evaluate group performance and marketing efforts

All Queue Reports

Call Details

Every call in in a an easily  searchable database

All Call Detail Reports

Wall Board

Live feed for large format TV wall displays or PC monitors

Wall Board Reports

Manage high volume calls

 and large groups of employees 

  • Login Timeclock & Pause Codes
  • Automatic call distribution 
  • Queues and virtual call back queues
  • Agent hot desk logins and time clock
  • Amazing Live and Historical Reports
  • Dispositions and CRM integration

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Call Center Feature Library  

Call Queueing and automatic call distribution

Call Queuing allows you to manage excess calls until your agents are available.

When all your agents are on the phone with other callers, the Freevoice System will automatically manage the additional inbound calls by playing a welcome message, and optionally stating callers in line , with estimated wait times between musical interludes or advertisements. Queue wait order is managed in a first in first out linear order unless priority rules are used to flag certain callers for express treatment.

Advanced Queue Features Include:

Members – Members can be Extensions or Agents. Extensions will always ring that phone in a ring strategy. Agents can log in to let the system know they are available. This allows automatic distribution of calls (ACD) to skill groups with detailed productivity reports.

URL Pop – Creates a web hook to another web application such as a CRM integration. Commonly used to search the callers number in a CRM and display a screen pop of the matching account record.

Ring Strategy – Automatic Call Distribution determines what order callers are connected to agents.

  • Ring All – Rings all available agents until call is answered
  • Linear – Rings each available agent in the order listed, starting at position one for each call
  • Round Robin –  Ring the agents in the order listed in a loop
  • Least Recent – Ring the agent who has been waiting the longest
  • Fewest calls – Rings the agents in order of who has the fewest completed calls
  • Random – Rings agents in a no order pattern

Dynamic Priority Penalty Rules – Creates classes or tiers of agents to receive calls before lower classes or tiers of agents have an opportunity to answer. Example:  I want all calls to go to my top people, sales team 10! Only if they are all busy will the call go to sales team 9, and if they are busy, send it to anyone.

Caller priority – Lets you flag a call for priority access thru the queue or other destinations.

  • Example: Callers to the secret back line come thru the queues ahead of other callers.

Dispositions –  Create predefined results of a call and require the agent to choose one for reporting the outcome of each call.

  • Example dispositions are: sale made, not qualified, transferred call, etc..

Distinctive Ring – Call from different queues can be audibly distinct on some model phones.

Music on Hold Class –  Unique music on hold can be played depending on the call source.

Wait Time Prefix – Notifies the agent how long the caller had been holding upon answering a call.

Call Recording – Records all calls to be posted in reports with dispositions and agents notes and CDR data.

Priority Queues – Assigns a queue weight and allows calls to come thru faster for priority queues.

Service Level – Allows you to set a goal such as, answer every call within 15 seconds, and see the results in reports.

No Answer call –  This setting prevents calls from being answered automatically before an agent is available. This allows the calling party to auto detect if the call was answered by a live agent.

  • Commonly used when 3rd party lead companies send leads to multiple call centers skipping ones that don’t answer

Caller Join Announcement – Welcome message played to callers such as “Call recorded for quality assurance”.

Agent Announcement – Prefix message played to the agents before caller is connected.

  • Used to identify different campaigns such as “widget sales or sprocket rentals ”to the agent.

Caller Announcements – Informs the caller of their position and estimated hold time upon entering a queue and optionally repeats every X number of seconds.

Periodic Announcements – Provides a dial menu to exit a queue so the caller reach another destination such as automated self-help system, receive an automated call back, or leave voicemail.

Email alerts – Receive and email notification with CDR’s and recording links on calls via email.

Queue Number – Allows callers to be transferred to a queue from any phone

Queue Name – A friendly name labels a queue for easy reporting and tracking

CID Name Prefix – A word or code that is prefixed to the caller’s name and number. Used to notify the agent which campaign call is coming from.

Max Wait Time – Sets maximum time a caller may wait before sending to another destination.

Max Callers – Sets maximum number of callers that may be in a Queue. Callers in excess of that number are sent to a failover destination.

Agent Ring Timeout – Length of time (1-60 seconds) to ring an agent before sending the call to another agent.

Skip Busy Agents – Does not ring an agent who is currently on an inbound or outbound call and sends caller to next agent.

Transfer Presets – Create Quick transfer buttons on the agent interface for one click transfers to a designated number.

Wrap Up Times – Provides agents  X number of seconds to complete a task before getting the next call.

Virtual queueing and automatic call backs

Virtual Queueing is used to manage longer wait times by offing to hold the callers place in line and call them back when they are next in line to speak with an agent.  This allows callers to avoid the dreaded hold time the degrades caller satisfaction. Added benefits include lower phone call charges as total call time is reduced.

Skill Based Routing

Callers are directed to various skill groups via direct phone number, menu option, internal transfers, and call volumes and wait times.
Agents can automatically be assigned to different Skills/Queues or be given permission to add or exit authorised skills.

Within a skill group, agents can be given priority to take the call before other less skilled agents by using priority and penalty rules.
Freevoice Exclusive* No answer queuing of purchased inbound transfer marketing calls

Specially designed for call centers that buy live caller leads. Essential in situations buying leads where you don't pay, if you don't answer the call. Freevoice will answer the call and play a simulated ringtone allowing you to control the call for 60 seconds. If no agent becomes available, the marketer will send the caller on to another company and not bill you for it. During the 60 seconds you control the call.  Your admins and agents will see it holding, and will show in the historical reporting. 
Call disposition menu and notes

What was the outcome of all the calls?  That’s where call dispositions and notes come into play.
Create custom drop downs for agents to apply to every call. 

Indicate the type of call (new client, return client, billing question issue, etc.)
Indicate the reason for the call (sign up, sales question, documentation etc.)
Indicate the outcome of the call (Sale made, declined, resolved, refund, etc.)
Designate a follow up action (follow-up, send email, call again, etc.)

Dispositions only add a second or two to for the agent to apply to each call and give you relevant information on the outcomes of each call. When each call finishes the disposition menu pops open, where they can easily select form the drop-down list. Notes field allows further information to be saved and displayed in the reports.

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