In this tutorial we show you how  to set up inbound calling for your dialer. (Video coming soon)

Inbound Calling within your dialer

Once you've purchased your phone numbers from Freevoice (you get two free phone numbers upon sign up), you are able to set the DID to point to your agents on the dialer.  Talk to the Freevoice Numbers department to purchase your phone numbers if you haven't done so by now.

  1. Go to the INBOUND section of your dialer and click on the COPY IN-GROUP.  This will copy from the existing default in-group.
  2. Let's create a new ingroup:

  3. The next step is to create a Direct inward Dialing (DID), or phone number entry that will send the incoming call to the in-group that we just created.  To get to this part, in the INBOUND section, click Copy DID.

  4. In order for your agents to be able to take calls, we will need to allow the in-group in each campaign you would like to be able to receive in-bound calls.
  5. In the campaign, set allow inbound and blended to "Y"
  6. And allow the ingroup in the campaign.

  7. You should now be able to send out outbound calls as well as receive inbound calls!