List Management and Strategies 

Segmenting and mixing you data can improve closing rates significantly by giving you control to target and test different demographics and geographics 

The goal is to segment data into multiple lists of differentiate leads.  Then mix lists by enabling multiple lists in a single campaign. Reports will reveal the best places, times and demographics to call. 

Segment data  based on:


Credit score




Zip code prefix - nxxxx or nnxxx


Time zone
Whatever differentiate them best
                  *Do not segment by phone number or prefix

Mix Data to Optimise 

Mixing allows you to spread your calls over multiple receiving carriers to even out call flows for more consistency, and and prevent call patterns that get you flagged as spam. Target specific times of day by TImezone. Mix data by enabling multiple lists at once and using list orders or randomisers to spread calls out over your chosen demographics.

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