Ringless Voicemail 

Ringless voicemail also Known as Voicemail Drops or Direct-to-voicemail, places a message directly in the voicemail box of a prospective customer without calling them.  This is less intrusive and more effective than cold calling.

Ringless Voicemail Drops 

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Freevoice delivers messages directly to mobile phone voicemails.  No phone call is ever made to violate compliance laws. When used responsibility, Ringless Voicemail Is the only safe and effective way to reach millions of mobile phones quickly – Completely TCPA, FTC, and FCC Compliant

Deliverability Assured

94% of people listen to their voicemail messages

95% of all ringless voicemail drops are delivered successfully
93.5% of US households that have a mobile phone, where only 7% have a land line only. 
Direct-to-voicemail messages are only way to take advantage of the rise of The Cellphone-Only Household.   

Combined with other services

Combine Voicemail drops with the Freevoice Call Center or Phone System to create a complete inbound marketing solution that keeps your agents on the phone and closing deals. 

  • Return calls to the Phone number listed are queued and delivered via ACD to your logged in agents.
  • Mobile users can reply to the voicemail by SMS text messaging to get more information or schedule a sales call.
  • Track inbound response rate in detailed charts and graphs

Ringless Voicemail technology is a boon to businesses and marketing agencies, expanding the number of consumers they can reach while saving them time, money, and regulatory hassle.

  • Full detail reporting – In-depth reports of delivery on every voicemail drops
  • Massive Capacity – Millions of Voicemail messages are delivered each day
  • Increase your response rate up to 80% in a single day
  • Only pay for delivered Voicemail messages
  • No per call or per attempt charges
  • Reach up to 350 Million Mobile phones
  • Landline/Mobile Separator – Scrub Landlines, Duplicates & Malformed Data

Top industries using ringless voicemail

Real Estate Investment 

Local area targeting of home and property owners is simple and effective.

Vehicle Sales

Dealerships nation wide are targeting and retargeting sales leads 

Business Funding

Easily reach business owners on their mobile phones to offer funding

Debt Consolidation & Collections

Steady reminders and interaction make this industry a success 

Health Insurance 

Demographic targeting for medicaid and medicare users 

Political Campaigns

Target cities and districts in the least intrusive way possible 

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