Lead Automation

Lead Automation is the new tool to leverage AI to automate many of the functions salespeople spend their valuable time to complete.  Your sales process blueprint will be unique

Automatically Trigger Agent calls 

Sends periodic SMS messages from Agents DID

Unlimited training and support – We provide you with the knowledge and access to update your system without waiting on anyone. 

Our easy admin interfaces lets you add users, phone numbers and menus in seconds. Your company will benefit from the intelligent call routing, call recording, mapping, and many automated processes that save costly personal time.

 Simple User Experience

Traditional desk phones. Polycom, Cisco, and other BYOD ​brands. 
Modern PC Softphones. 
A headset and PC are all you need.
User Portal App
See status and message, fax, text, record & more.
Never miss a call with Mobile integration for  people on the go.

Advanced Administrator Control

Intelligent call routing rules by number, menu, time, and more.. 
Monitor and listen to live calls from PC or mobile phone
User Reports show employee productivity, call stats, and more
Add new phone numbers instantly. 50 US states or over 100 Countries