Protecting your Company from Telemarketing Scams

Freevoice Business consulting reviews your Call processes and User Training to  protect your Company, Reputation, and Customers 

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Instantly forward calls from you carrier or onsite PBX to our cloud phone system. Directories, Menus, and Ring Groups, distribute calls to remote users. 

No set up fees. 

Unlimited Phone and Web  Setup Support , US Agents

No Deposits 

Pay as you go with as needed just in time Billing .

Month to Month Terms

Use for a day, week month or longer as needed

No Credit Checks

Pay online with VISA, Mastercard, American express, or Discover 

 User Portal

See and message other users, manage calls, faxing, texting,

and personal call routing.

IVR Menus & Rules

Manage more callers with less agents by keeping callers engaged and on the line.


Connect from anywhere with a  desk phone,  softphone, 

or just a browser.  

 Local Presence

Represent any area by automatically matching  your Caller ID to when calling out 

International Presence

Get a phone numbers in over 100 Countries around the globe and low cost calling to over 200.

Toll Free

Represent any area by automatically matching  your Caller ID to when calling out 

Watch your team members, 
Internal message, share files, create conference rooms, SMS message, play soundboard recordings, faxing, and more 

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Call detail reports and charts‚Äč

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High Rate Area Fraud
Fraudulent web leads and missed calls attempt to get you to place a call to a US looking number but is actually a high rate international call. 

Run multiple companies with cost segmentation

Device Freedom

Use your existing phones or download our softphones for 

PC, Mac, IOS, and Android

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